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Current Programs

More Than Muses: Female Composers Throughout History

de la guerre.jpg

This multi-media lecture recital explorers the struggles and success of some of history's forgotten female composers, starting in the 9th century and going all the way through some modern day rising stars you'll want to look out for.

60-100 min - call for pricing

Dancing Shoes

ballet slippers music notes.jpg

Dancing Shoes includes music based on dances from different cultures and centuries. Two compositions that were premiered by Sapphire are showcased: a Klezmer medley arranged by Edward Marcus and Dancing Shoes by Amy Riebs Mills. 60 min - call for pricing

Nature Walks

Flute player silohette in nature.jpg

Nature Walks features music that evokes natural scenery, such as rivers, woods, and cherry blossoms. These lyrical compositions range from the quiet beauty of moonlight to the excitement of rushing rapids. Can be combined with poetry and meditation for an interactive event. 60 min long - call for pricing

Buzz, Bang, & Whoosh: The Science of Sound

Soundwave with boy_edited_edited.jpg

The Science of Sound (ages 6+) is a fun, interactive concert that explores the four main sources of sound – impact, friction, turbulence, and vibration. Lively musical selections include movie music, ragtime, and folk songs. The musicians demonstrate their own instruments alongside some lesser-known sound makers, such as the singing bowl, one-stringed bass, and guiro. With quick experiments, an on-screen spectrum analyzer, and engaging discussions throughout, this dynamic program is a multidisciplinary exploration of science and music. For older students , the concepts will be presented in more depth. 60 min - call for pricing

Musical Time Machine

Musical note swirl.jpg

Musical Time Machine (ages 6-12). Go backward through our time machine and learn about  the amazing progression of classical musical composition over the span of 5 centuries. The program features music from the Renaissance (1500s), Baroque (1600s), Classical (1700s), Romantic (1800s) and Contemporary Periods. It also highlights other forms of music, including Ragtime, Folk Songs and movie music. 60 min - call for pricing

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